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We are a leading manufacturer of cooling and dispensing equipment in Europe. We sell tens of thousands of pieces a year worldwide and in our home country, the Czech Republic. We can do all this in three production areas in the picturesque villages of Sadová and Dohalice, a few kilometers from a regional town, Hradec Králové. About 190 of us work here - in production, development and administration. We will invent, design, draw, build, pack and send all the equipment that we sell under our brand to you, our customers. You will find us in pubs and restaurants, companies, but also in your home or garden. We are synonymous for cooling and dispensing. We are LINDR.

The range of equipment we manufacture is really diverse, it currently contains 400 standardized products and also some interesting lines of custom products. You can buy a portable cooler for your garden, a larger cooling system for a pub or restaurant, together with a bar dispense tower or perhaps even soda water cooler. We will also supply you with complete equipment for sanitizing, pressurizing and dispensing wine. Last but not least, you can use our cooling equipment in your operations - whether you need to control beer fermentation, cool laser cutting or anything else you can think of. You can be sure that everything that leaves our production is our own, original product, which was created in our own development department. We only use the highest quality materials together with an original, unmistakable design, which we take every year one step forward.


We started operation in a new production hall

We started operation in a new production hall

Finally. We are very happy to announce the great news - we have started putting into operation a new production hall in Dohalice, which we have been building for almost three years. As a result, our production capacity will increase to approximately 100,000 coolers per year.

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