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Soda water maker SODA EXCLUSIVE is a professional machine for production of chilled soda water by mixing drinking water and CO2.

This practical machine with a unique design can be used in the office, production facility, restaurant and home.

This machine produces 18 to 20 liters of quality chilled soda water and is ideal for versatile use.
The modern compressor cooling unit uses the power input for direct transfer to chilling which guarantees minimum energy usage.

SODA EXCLUSIVE is equipped with a powerful motor, pump and innovative carbonator which ensures good saturation of soda water.
Soda maker SODA EXLUSIVE is made of high quality material.
The machine is equipped with an elegant display for easy operation. Its exclusive design highlights illuminated front panel.

SODA EXCLUSIVE also excels in easy simple installation and easy access for servicing.
The materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards and guarantee a long working life of this carbonated water unit.

Our products are tested by the TÜV SÜD technical institute.

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