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KONTAKT 300/Kprofi TWIN POWER Green Line

KONTAKT 300/Kprofi TWIN POWER Green Line

KONTAKT 300 TWIN POWER Green Line models are professional beverage coolers which can be used more than just a mobile bar. Thanks to their unique design with two cooling compressors, KONTAKT 300 TWIN POWER Green Line is the most powerful cooler in its class. It is designed for professional cooling, dispensing and serving perfectly chilled beer and other beverages at larger commercial events and festivals.

HIGH OUTPUT - the design of the two-compressor
cooling unit with use of eco-friendly refrigerant R-290
allows a maximum cooling output of up to 300 l/hour
without the need to use an additional precooler.

LOW INPUT POWER - the machine‘s high output
is achieved with a maximum input power of under 6A.

SIMPLE CONNECTION - 2x35 m long two-circuit
stainless steel tubing with 10 mm diameter embedded
in a thermoblock. The tubing is fitted with a stainless
steel screwing on both the inlet and outlet to connect
the beverage supply ( INLET - external 5/8“/ OUTLET -
internal 5/8“).

AIR COMPRESSORS - The two quiet inbuilt air
compressors feature a separate receiver to prevent
pressure fluctuations during dispensing. Regulation
of pressure is 1- 4 bars.

300 TWIN POWER allows the cooler to be used as
a precooler, an undercounter cooler and, above all, as
a portable, powerful cooler.

QUICK INSTALLATION - The taps are customized
and easy to install.

advertising space facing in the direction of the
customer with customised logos.

MOBILITY - the robust construction of the
machines‘s two sliding stainless steel handles enables
ease of portability.

HYGIENE AND DURABILITY - the entire body and
coils are made of stainless steel. The materials used
meet the strictest hygienic standards and guarantee
long service life of the cooler.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS - the cooler is made of
fully recyclable materials.

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