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Air compressors

Air compressors

Air mini compressors


  • Input 38 - 56W
  • output 6 -10.5 l/ min.
  • pressure control 0-4 bar

Air compressor LEONARDO


  • Input 750 W
  • pressure control 0 - 8 bar
  • output 105 l/ min.
  • noise level  85 db.
  • weight 17kg

LINDR air mini compressors VK LINDR 15, 30

  • Reliable  compressor  with unique design and  a  surprising performance.
  • Very small size and minimal weight makes this machine easy to handle and use.
  • Continuous regulation of the pressure between 0-3 bar, easy to operate, simple connection by using the JG  fitting.
  • The molecular filter at the suction inlet ensures clean air the outlet.
  • The compressor is available in two models:

     The Lindr 15 is a suitable source of pressure for coolers with  the output up to 40 liters per hour.
     The Lindr 30 is a suitable source of pressure for coolers with the output up to 140 liters per hour.

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