Czech up your beer cooling and dispensing systems


08.09.2013 11:45


Every year, it is our tradition to bring new products and innovations in the field of cooling and dispensing systems. However, this year will be particularly exceptional as we are going to introduce a number of coolers, which in addition to the technical update, also bring new philosophy to the use of these machines.
A number of coolers for beer and soda named EXCLUSIVE will be closer to your personality or a company. The front panel can be illuminated and exclusively edited. Place your name, logo or company name and choose its overall design, including the background color and illumination. EXCLUSIVE cooler series will be an example of unprecedented elegance. The handle can be inserted for easy transportation, all controls are hidden at the back of the cooler, the sides are clear of any ventilation holes and new tap handles fit perfectly into the modern concept.

More information about this range will be gradually revealed. Only to add that the EXCLUSIVE series will include one tap and two tap models. We will also visually separate soda and wine coolers.

We will be looking forward to introduce more news for you.

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