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Practical design of KONTAKT 115 / R

23.05.2014 07:42

Practical design of KONTAKT 115 / R

Practical design of KONTAKT 115 / RSophisticated and compact design is one of the basic characteristics of our products. As a classic example take a closer look at our dry cooler KONTAKT 115 / R, whose main feature is the inbuilt pressure reducer for the CO2. The cooler can be directly connected via hose to a cylinder of CO2. The front of the machine has a two manometres that can be used to set individual pressure for each tap. Practical functional and reliable pressurization is supported by a fantastic cooling capacity up to 140 liters per hour, which doesn´t have any competition in this category of dry coolers.
The popularity of KONTAKT 115 / R is rapidly increasing, especially in European countries such as Germany, Slovenia and Hungary.

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