Czech up your beer cooling and dispensing systems


Perfect combination of two MODERN TECHNOLOGIES


KeyKeg Pet keg combined with a LINDR dispenser makes a perfect and compact draft system. You simply connect the KeyKeg with LINDR dispenser and you are ready to dispense a great tasting beer or wine.  Simple, fast installation and dispensing  beverages without using CO2 or any other propellant gas.

LINDR coolers
Powerful and reliable coolers for beverages with a surprising performance and size ratio.
Inbuilt air compressor inside the LINDR cooler ensures an easily accessible pressurization. The output pressure is optimized for dispensing out of KeyKeg plastic kegs.

Durable, lightweight, disposable packaging for beverages. Thanks to KeyKeg’s bag-in-bag technology the beverage will not come into contact with the propellant gas. Therefore it’s a perfect combination with a LINDR cooler and it’s inbuild air compressor.



  • Fast installation and connection between the LINDR COOLER and KeyKeg pet kegs
  • • No need for CO2 or any other propellant gas
    • The line of LINDR coolers are suited for a wide range of applications: from  smaller private events to large beer festivals.
    • No need anymore to pay deposit  or returning kegs after the event.
  • More than 30% of a KeyKeg Slimline is made of recycled plastics
  • Every KeyKeg is fully recyclable

•     A range of beers and wines on tap

•     A KeyKeg is lightweight and easy to use

•     No more storing empty kegs

•     Dispense to nearly the last drop


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