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About the Company


In 1992, Mr. Miloš Lindr founded a production and service company in the field of dispensing and cooling systems. Thanks to several years of hard work and because of meeting its customer's requirements, a small family business changed quickly into the Lindr company, a leading Czech manufacturer of dispensing systems.
Also nowadays, with the company offering interesting jobs to more than one hundred people, and having its own complete production program, Lindr still proclaims the visions of a family business, built with purely Czech capital.

Perfect combination of two MODERN TECHNOLOGIES



Since the beginning , Lindr has been going its own way with own original products, having been both as for the technical side and its own irreplaceable unique design. Using a high quality polished stainless steel in combination with natural hardwood leads to entirely original and ageless details.


Both ideas and innovations of Lindr have been highly successful on the Czech, European and world markets. Lindr's development and innovations always includes the requirements and
experience of its customers, and the company keeps the best ratio of
performance / quality / easiness/ design / price.
Every year the company enriches the market  with  enetirely  original
innovations. At present, Lindr has the widest range of dry beer coolers and of coolers with the smallest dimensions as for  the  given  performance  on  the
European market.



Lindr is aware of the quality of Czech beer  and  of  the  beer  culture.
In order to be proud of this world top position, and to increase this quality with our products, Lindr has been using only certified materials and raw materials meeting the strictest demands for the hygiene and  CE  standards, which guarantee high quality,reliability, long working life and ageless design.  

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